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Irie Tea is a purveyor of fine organic teas including unique, handcrafted herbal blends with medicinal qualities as well as a full line of organic and fair trade black and green teas. We prepare our tea in small batches using only freshly dried organic herbs and spices ensuring full flavored, tip top tea.

We founded Irie Tea over a decade ago. As we learned more about natural foods, alternative healing, and green living, the desire to share our knowledge grew. Our first foray into the world of tea began with blending herbal infusions. The intense flavors and medicinal powers of herbs blew us away. The herbal blends naturally led us to explore traditional teas--the many kinds, tastes, medicinal uses and folklore. Through tea, we found a way to spread our passion for good food and healthy living. It was without question that the teas we provided would be organically grown, ethically harvested, and fairly traded; not to mention meticulously hand crafted with the utmost attention and care.

Today we are still learning about herbs and enjoying our time exploring, experimenting, and sharing our love of tea.

Rob Toni

This Just In!

The experts agree TEA IS GOOD FOR! On going studies show a link between tea consumption and cardiovascular health, reduced risk of certain types of cancer, and increased bone density. Not to mention the stress relieving properties of a hot cup of tea.

Heal Yourself To Heal All

At Irie tea, we believe everyone has the ability to make a difference, to make a change for the better. By making conscious decisions about the products we consume, we can change not only the health of our own bodies, but also the health of our planet. One of the easiest ways to bring wellness into your life is through herbs and teas; the simple act of preparing a cup of tea can bring a moment of tranquility into a hectic day; a cup of green tea today may help ward off heart disease tomorrow; purchasing a cup of fair trade tea can help ensure a person half a world away is being treated with dignity by receiving a fair wage for his/her work. At Irie Tea, we are committed to helping you make a change for the better by providing healthy and delicious, organic and fair trade teas. When you drink Irie Tea you are not only drinking to your own good health but to the health of all.